Marketing Mix Modeling

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) enables companies to understand the relationship between marketing investments and key performance indicators (KPIs), identify the most effective marketing activities, and make accurate predictions about future performance. Paramark facilitates the implementation of MMM, making it both practical and straightforward. Read more here.

Paramark makes MMM actionable and easy

Paramark offers strategic guidance and personalized service throughout onboarding, implementation, and expansion. Our implementation is tailored to your unique use case, business model, and inquiries. We deliver practical insights and recommendations created by marketers, for marketers.

MMM uses statistics and machine learning

MMM leverages statistics and machine learning to optimize your target metric, whether it be traffic, leads, orders, or sales. It applies these techniques to evaluate impressions, reach, and costs across all marketing channels and campaigns. It has the capability to include macroeconomic indicators that might impact organic demand in your specific category.

MMM detects key trends in your marketing data

MMM reveals connections in your data, exploring the impact of impressions on customers' recall over days and weeks following initial exposure. It also scrutinizes the fluctuations in marginal returns as spending increases in specific channels, and assesses the trajectory of your organic demand and the impact of seasonality on your business.

MMM is unbiased and privacy-friendly

MMM doesn't favor specific channels like direct response or click-inducing ones. It covers all channels, whether paid or owned, brand or performance, online or offline. It is designed to be future-proof and privacy-friendly, functioning without the reliance on UTM codes, session IDs, cookies, or identity resolution. Its approach is rooted in correlation rather than subjective heuristics.

FAQs that MMM answers

What's the return on marketing investment?

Where should we invest the next dollar?

How much of marketing's contribution is incremental?

How do we adjust investments in real time?

How much should we be investing in marketing?

How confident are we about hitting our business goals?

Learn how Paramark has analyzed more than $100M+ in marketing spend

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Learn how Paramark has analyzed more than $100M+ in marketing spend

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