For Finance Leaders

Easily understand the relationship between marketing investments and financial outcomes

Paramark facilitates alignment between finance and marketing leaders, enabling effective communication. Through statistics and machine learning, we assist your marketing teams in understanding the correlation and causation between investments and business outcomes.

Support your marketing team with a statistically sound attribution model

Traditional touch-based and self-reported attribution methods lack a statistical foundation and face challenges in the new privacy landscape. Paramark's approach addresses these issues, bridging gaps and guiding your marketing team from coincidence to correlation and causation.

Forecasts for base-case, best-case, and worst-case scenarios

Paramark's solution seamlessly integrates with financial planning and forecasting workflows. We produce base, best, and worst-case scenarios to illustrate the impact of marketing on financial outcomes. This empowers you to understand the range of possibilities and effectively manage financial risk.

Advocate for using the scientific method in marketing experiments

With Paramark, conduct scientifically sound marketing experiments across your entire mix—paid and owned, offline and online, brand and performance. Say goodbye to ambiguity in marketing measurement and unlock growth with confidence.

Understand how brand investments impact financial outcomes

Finance leaders recognize the significance of a robust brand, impacting both the top and bottom line over the long term. With Paramark, you can now understand the short-term influence of brand investments on traffic, sales, and conversion rates.

Equip yourself for the boardroom with crucial marketing insights

Paramark provides crystal-clear insights into your complete marketing mix, ready to be seamlessly incorporated into your board deck. Say goodbye to last-minute searches for reports and spreadsheets before a major presentation, and eliminate the need for extensive adjustments to make the numbers board-ready.

Discover how Paramark analyzed $200M+ in marketing spend
Discover how Paramark analyzed $200M+ in marketing spend
Discover how Paramark analyzed $200M+ in marketing spend

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