For Brand Marketers

Measure the financial impact of all your brand investments

Paramark complements existing long-term brand health tracking with short-term quantitative and financial measures of brand marketing investments and campaigns.

Level the playing field for brand campaigns

Paramark's objective approach, driven by statistics and machine learning, avoids bias against brand investments. We move beyond clicks and touches, helping you understand the relationship between brand investments and business outcomes through reach and frequency analysis.

Drive growth with brand campaign experiments

Paramark enables your brand team to design, execute, and analyze experiments across any brand-friendly channels such as video, tv, and out-of-home. Our experimentation approach helps you find the causal relationship between the channel or campaign and your business outcomes.

Diversify into brand-friendly channels across digital and physical

Paramark's methodology is versatile, extending to channels that aim to build strong mental associations with your brand. Whether you're exploring social, TV, out-of-home, online video, streaming, radio, or podcasts, our approach seamlessly adapts.

Build your business case for increased brand investments

Paramark's statistics and machine learning based approach helps you develop statistically and financially sound business cases. Say farewell to relying exclusively on annual brand tracking to link qualitative brand data with business outcomes.

Boost leadership's confidence in brand investments

Paramark's statistically sound insights, actionable recommendations, and experimentation help brand leaders educate and inform their peers and executives about the positive impact brand marketing has on their business.

Discover how Paramark analyzed $200M+ in marketing spend
Discover how Paramark analyzed $200M+ in marketing spend
Discover how Paramark analyzed $200M+ in marketing spend

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