Forecasting & Planning

Marketing mix modeling and incrementality testing help you build statistical attribution models, powering scenario planning and forecasting capabilities.

Best and worst-case forecast scenarios

Paramark's statistical attribution models are designed from the ground up to help you understand the confidence intervals around marketing effectiveness, enabling clear communication of both best and worst-case scenarios.

Understand the diminishing returns of marketing channels

The impact of marketing may not scale linearly. Paramark's approach identifies diminishing returns for each channel or campaign, improving the accuracy of your forecast.

Translate leading indicators to business outcomes

Paramark helps you identify leading indicators of sales within your marketing metrics. This enables your marketing team to enhance their performance based on a metric they can control, ensuring predictable financial results.

Monitor how forecasts change and improve over time

Paramark's transparent approach generates weekly and monthly reports and forecasts. Track the evolution of reports and forecasts over time in relation to actuals to evaluate their consistency and accuracy.

Improve precision of forecasts with rigorous experimentation

Analytics and finance leaders know that statistical models based in correlation are only as good as the data they are based on. For precise causal forecasts, rigorous experimentation is essential. Paramark helps you achieve that with our incrementality testing capabilities.

Discover how Paramark analyzed $200M+ in marketing spend
Discover how Paramark analyzed $200M+ in marketing spend
Discover how Paramark analyzed $200M+ in marketing spend

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See a 60 second intro

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